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Flowering motherwort plant


Hawthorn – Motherwort Tincture (Crataegus spp.; Leonurus cardiaca) is a cardiac tonic and restorative, useful for strengthening the connective tissue of the blood and lymph vessels and heart structure, and to enhance normal heart rhythm. Not a specific remedy but rather an adaptogen (balancing agent) for the entire circulatory system. Hawthorn-Motherwort is also an excellent tonic for menopausal symptoms such as racing heart and hot flashes.

Hawthorn  (Crataegus spp.)is a cardiac tonic for all types of heart conditions; it protects collagen fibers, and reduces cortisol. A study commissioned by the German Ministry of Health found that hawthorn improves contractions in the heart muscle while in turn dilating the heart.

Motherwort (Leonurus cardiaca) offers neuroprotective and anti-anxiety support, and is a CNS anti-inflammatory and cardiac tonic. Research shows that Motherwort extracts reduce high blood pressure, exert a mild sedative effect and is anti-spasmodic. This herb may calm overactive thyroid but is not known to depress normal thyroid function.

Gotu kola (Centella asiatica) has extensive use in Ayurvedic medicine for increasing mental capacity and decreasing mental aging. Research indicates that Centella has the tendency to modulate both internal (pathological) and external (neuro-toxic) oxidative brain impairment, and can be used to halt further damage. While this herb encourages cognition, it also has a role in vascular health as a cardioprotective, preventing injury to the heart muscle in the case of heart attack.


Gotu kola plant, aka Centella


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Cacao beans, as in raw, unprocessed cocoa


Medi-Mush Hot Cocoa Drink Mix

That’s right, medicinal mushrooms in your hot cocoa – it’s not as weird as it sounds. It’s good for your immune system, it’s good for your heart, and it puts you in a good mood. And yes, Virginia, it tastes good too! What more could you want?

Our special blend is made from premium organic cacao powder and Lion’s Mane, Reishi and Turkey Tail bio-available mushroom powder. We used an intuitive process in choosing the mushrooms, and are pleased with the result.  We left the drink mix for you to sweeten according to taste.

Starting with LION’S MANEHericium erinaceus, this beautiful mushroom offers stellar immune-enhancing properties. Traditional Chinese Medicine suggests it’s use as an overall tonic, and for healthy digestion in general and gastric ulcers in particular as an anti-inflammatory. Sometimes used for treating the side effects from chemotherapy. Lion’s Mane has an inhibitory effect on some types of cancer cells. Stimulates neuron repair and renewal (myelination), supports cognitive function and mental alertness.

REISHIGanoderma lucidum, promotes health and longevity. Warming, nourishing, toning and detoxifying, TCM uses for this plant include treatment of hypertension, asthma and other bronchial ailments. Reishi shows strong activity against chronic hepatitis and HIV. Immune-modulating, anti-viral, anti-oxidant, analgesic, adaptogenic. Used for chronic fatigue. Reduces excessive immune response, useful for auto-immune conditions such as lupus and RA. Reishi is believed to assist the genetic checkpoint that inspects for then acts to destroy cancer cells, and also acts to inhibit the prostate cancer signaling process and reduces UTI’s for men. Reishi has been shown to prevent cancer metastasis.

As for TURKEY TAILTrametes versicolor, over 400 clinical studies in Japan alone have identified several natural anti-cancer components in this fan-shaped fungus, and its uses include adjunct therapy to stomach and colorectal cancer treatments. TCM uses include treatment of upper respiratory infections, urinary tract inflammation and infection, and arthritis. Turkey Tail has shown to be effective in flushing out toxins such as heavy metals and pesticides. Stimulates immune system weakness, supports healthy liver function, and enhances joint flexibility.

CACAO  is the darling superfood of people everywhere. In the raw, unroasted “cacao” state (and even a good organic cocoa) contains flavonoids and antioxidants, both of which are heart-healthy. These compounds help reduce the risk of stroke, improve blood circulation and cholesterol levels, and support healthy arterial tissue; yes, you can drink your aspirin a day! Cacao boosts serotonin, the brain chemical responsible for putting you in a good mood, and it also reduces the stress hormone cortisol.

We have included the herbs SLIPPERY ELM BARK and MARSHMALLOW ROOT to add body to the blend, as well as their own mildly sweet flavors and anti-inflammatory properties, and just a touch of CINNAMON as a flavor enhancer.


Rich cinnamon hot cocoa, we’ve added the medicinal mushrooms for you


To prepare: Place 2 heaping teaspoons powdered drink mix in a mug. Heat 8 to 10 ounces milk (any kind) until hot, pour over powder, and stir. Sweeten to taste.

3 ounce jar $7.50      8 ounces in bag  $21

Hawthorn Berry Syrup

Hawthorn is a subtle heart tonic, strengthening weak conditions and easing excessive conditions. It is a cardiac tonic jack-of-all-trades in a manner of speaking, and can also be considered an adaptogen, certain herbs that help the body adapt to stress as well as exert a normalizing effect upon the body’s normal processes.

A study commissioned by the German Ministry of Health found that hawthorn improves contractions in the heart muscle while in turn dilating the heart. Hawthorn helps reduce the incidence of angina. It mildly dilates the blood vessels and lowers blood pressure. Hawthorn is not a direct medicinal; it offers a gradual toning of the heart muscle, with the bonus of increased oxygen utilization. Hawthorn berries, and to greater extent the leafy flowering tips, contain antioxidant flavonoids, which increases coronary flood flow, improves circulation and improves the function of the heart in general. Hawthorn protects collagen fibers and reduces cortisol. A study commissioned by the German Ministry of Health found that hawthorn improves contractions in the heart muscle while in turn dilating the heart.

“Numerous randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trials report hawthorn’s ability to improve exercise capacity, alleviate symptoms of cardiac insufficiency, and treat mild to moderate congestive heart failure (CHF), the area of the most research.”  – from Hibiscus, Hawthorn, and the Heart – Modern research supports the use of traditional plants by Tori Hudson http://www.naturalmedicinejournal.com/journal/2011-07/hibiscus-hawthorn-and-heart

A simmered hawthorn berry decoction blended with honey and a touch glycerin make a delightful way to nourish your heart! Add some warm spice and smiles await. Pour some on your crumpets. Turn it into a cup of tea. Mull some in your Merlot. You’ll think of something.

Ingredients – hawthorn berries, wildflower honey, glycerin, cinnamon. All ingredients organic or wildcrafted except glycerin which is plant based and kosher. Do not give honey to babies under 1 year of age.

8 ounces $15  – Limited supply


Ripe hawthorn berries

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